Harrier Track Club
HTC Membership

Why Join?

Joining the Harrier Track Club will ensure success for your short term and long term goals! With a staff of more than 50 years of coaching experience, we can provide the correct running program for you.

Though we have a definite training philosophy and will do many things as a group, the individual program will be designed differently for each person depending on your ability, needs and goals. The goal area will be a major change for our athletes since most runners are never challenged to run to their true potential. 

Having a coach also saves you lots of time and effort. Let us do all the thinking, planning and organization and leave the running to you! We will work together on establishing proper goals, and the coaches will design the perfect steps (distances, paces and repetitions) to achieving those goals.

Our program and coaching staff, outside of coaching, will help you with motivation when feeling uncertain in training or racing. This program will also provide race strategies and pre-race preparation skills necessary for your running success.

I promise you, it's always easier with a cheerleader at your side! Welcome aboard, Harriers!

The will to win means nothing without the will to prepare.

Membership Pricing (Due by the 5th of each month, via cash or check)

Monthly Price: $70 

6 Month Price $350* 

Yearly Price $620*

*One payment

(Google "Personal Running Coaches " for price comparison - Most coaches charge more than $70 an hour, or for coaching via email only)

Membership Includes:

- P.A.C. Membership
     - Free entry to all P.A.C. Races and Events
- Greater Bellingham Running Club Membership
     - Free entry to all GBRC Races and Events
- USATF Membership
      - 10% discount in the USATF Online Store, including Nike Dri-FIT gear
     - Subscription to Fast Forward magazine
      - Sport accident insurance
- Personal Individualized Coaching
     - 24/7 Email and Phone contact (texting included)
     - Training you in all aspects of the sport*

- Daily practices provided - 1 on 1 time included.
- 3-5 emails per week on training, motivation and more!

- Discounts on Nike apparel

- All HTC members receive a club card!
- Training Partners 

*Training Includes:
     Endurance training
     Threshold training
     Speed training
     Mental training
     Running form technique

     Five pages of drills/core/strength
     Hill Bounding
     Central Nervous System training
     Weight training
     Strength and Coordination training
     Injury prevention 

Membership DOES NOT Include"

- Entry Fees to meets other than PAC and GBRC races
- Team gear (jersey, shorts, shirts, warm ups)
- Team travel
- Hotels (If applicable to meets)
- Flights (If applicable to meets)