Pearson's Distance Project
Program Goals and Philosophy

Pearson's Athletic Club, founded in 2006, is a USA Track and Field Olympic Development Program (Pearson's Distance Project # 36-0209) and a non profit corporation (UBI # 602-694-357). Pearson's Distance Project was originally what the club was all about: helping youth and junior age athletes succeed at the regional and national levels. This program is for kids of a variety of abilities and goals.

Pearson's Distance Project's mission is to find and/or develop youth athletes and to provide opportunities for them in health and fitness awareness (creating a long lasting activity), to refine and advance their skills in long distance running and to be competitive on the local, regional, US, and even the Junior World levels. At this level lifelong friendships and the love of running are major goals.  A positive running environment for athletes provided by coaches dedicated to bettering distance running will give athletes the true means of reaching their potential.

We will do so by providing a structured, healthy, and supportive environment to enable each runner to set and achieve realistic, and yet very high, long-term and short-term goals. As well as holding team workouts, we will train athletes specifically to their goals and abilities in our high quality coached team practices. We will help athletes develop the physical talent necessary for success in a competitive environment.

It is our main goal to help support all youth distance runners in health and fitness awareness and to develop a competitive nature. For most athletes this program will be between junior high and high school sports seasons following WIAA guidelines.

If you are interested in becoming a Pearson's Distance Project athlete, you should contact Head Cross Country / Track and Field Coach Joel Pearson at (360) 223-0264 or