The Pacific Northwest Championships

One of the goals of Pearson's Athletic Club is to revive some of the championship races of the past.  For a number of decades the Amateur Athletic Union (AAU) held championship races over a variety of distances at the Pacific Northwest and National levels.  Continuing these races at the local level was a major goal of the Snohomish Track Club when it originated back in 1967.  In those days, though, all entrants had to be members of the AAU to be eligible to run.  Over the years the governing bodies changed.  The Athletics Congress (TAC) followed the AAU which was then replaced by the United States Track and Field Federation (USATF).  Though the USATF continues to hold championship races, most of the Regional areas do not.  The major cause of this decline is the fact that a large number of local runners do not belong to the national organization (USATF) and would not join just to run these races.

All of these races should be put on during a year's time. For a current list of the PNW Championships please click on the "2010 PNW Championships" link to the right. Pearson's Athletic Club is willing to put on some of the PNW Championships, if granted by the Pacific Northwest Association of Track and Field (PNTF), but other individuals, groups and clubs need to step up to fill in the gaps. This project needs to be completed by many people.

The history of the PNW Championships needs to be complete. Please check the history/results of each race by clicking on the links to the left of this page. If you have any results that we don't have, or information on athletes' ages and living status (at time of race only), please send an email to